Volvo Premium Tech Tool PTT 2.5.87 Development + Developer Tool


Volvo PTT 2.5.87 is diagnostic tool that lets you change the level of Volvo Premium Tech Tool.

Diagnostic tool is designed for:

    • Dealer tool to access and program parameters in Level2 and Level3 without connecting to central severs;

    • Works with Tech Tool (VCADs Pro);

    • Support all brands and models supported by Tech Tool (VCADs Pro);

    • Make programmable more than 11000 parameters;

    • Program speed limit, change chassis ID, disable immobiliser, etc.;

    • Change minimum/maximum values of parameters, for example: increase speed limit.

For work with diagnostic tool users need to install software ECU, and then with this tool, you can make it usable for any dealer ID and customer ID.

Volvo  Tech Tool – Version 2.5.87 Software included:

1. Last official version Volvo TechTool 2.5.86 Development maximal authorized

* Full Tech tool Activating (For all Volvo brands )

* You can Choose User ID like: A333333 or M333333 OR TECHTOL or any other ..

*You can choose your logo or name to stay in techtool

* not DLL Patched  registration. Real registration for Techtool

2. Last APCI+ database

3. new Developer Tool Plus Apci and Apci+ Version 2, Version 3 and Version 4 (for programming parameters on  all vehicles parameter)

4. IS editor Encriptor/ Decriptor

5. Volvo xml editor

6. Parameter description for all version (2 ,3 ,4 version ) -New Version

7.Volvo/ IS File Encryptor/Decryptor


Volvo  Tech Tool – Version 2.5.87 Software Notice:

1. Working Operating System: Windows 7 32bit / 64bit, the memory should be at least 4 GB,or it will affect the speed of installation

2 install and activation Volvo Tech Tool (PTT)  2.5.87 only by TeamViewer.

Region:   All regions

Operating System:

Windows 7 32 bit (x86) – Windows 7 64 bit (x64)

Download size :   2.1 GB

Date of update: 03/2018

Price : (private message)