Bobcat BATS 2018 Advanced Troubleshooting System


Bobcat Advanced Troubleshooting System (BATS).

BATS is an electronic document database encompassing Electrical Troubleshooting, Electrical Schematics, Hydraulic
Schematics, Safety and Maintenance Information, Technical Information, Service News For
Today, and Service Letters.

Electrical Troubleshooting is aided by Troubleshooting Charts that describe how the error
occurs, the possible causes for the error, locations of components, the minimum requirements of
the machine for the error to occur, the minimum requirements to clear the code once the cause
of the error has been fixed, and a step by step procedure for performing tests to help eliminate
probable causes of the error.
Electrical Troubleshooting also has a glossary feature that allows Bobcat acronyms and other
electrical terminology to be defined in the documents, and also in a glossary list for a quick
reference of these items used in troubleshooting.
Troubleshooting is further aided by both electrical and hydraulic schematics that are organized
by serial number to provide quick access to commonly used information for troubleshooting.
Schematics can also be searched by harness part numbers.


Region:  All Region

Languages: English,

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Windows 10 32 bit (x86) – Windows 10 64bit (x64)

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Windows 8 32 bit (x86) – Windows 8 64 bit (x64)

Windows 7 32 bit (x86) – Windows 7 64 bit (x64)

Windows Vist 32 bit (x86) – Windows Vist  64 bit (x64)

Windows XP 32 bit (x86) -Windows XP 64 bit (x64)

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