Cummins InPower Pro V12.5 + INCAL [2021]

Cummins InPower Pro is diagnostic software for Cummins generators it will communicate with the Electronic Control (ECMs) through a communication data link, allowing existing and potential problems to be diagnosed, products to be configured, and data to be obtained for analysis.
Cummins InPower Pro provides the following functions:
•    Allows the monitored equipment to send alarm information to a connected computer.
•  measurement units and user access level (read-only, read/change values, administrator).
•    Adjustment of nearly every adjustment parameter within the connected control system, including parameters such as voltage and frequency levels, gains, protection set-points, and other values.
•    Convenient programming of configurable inputs in the controllers.
•    Viewing equipment history, fault codes, and data associated with fault codes.
•    Generates reports of monitored data
•    Plot critical parameters in a strip chart format and export data to 3rd party software tools for manipulation and viewing.
•    Simulate fault conditions in Genset controls in compliance with NFPA 110 requirements to demonstrate the functionality of the controller and monitoring equipment in a facility.

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Type: Diagnosis Software
Region: All regions
Language: Multi-languages
OS : Windows 10 , 8.1 8, 7, 32 bit (x86) & 64 bit (x64)

Date update 01.2020 – INCAL 05/2021
Download size: 500 MB
Note: Install and activation This program only by TeamViewer
Cummins InPower Pro V12.5+ INCAL