Payment and Delivery

Payment Method We accept payment via:
Bank Transfer

Download The fastest and Best method to get all programs. We offer all products only via direct download links .We use different FTP / HTTP servers and will provide you with fastest speed for your location.You will have the download link in the same day your payment received.

You can always first try to download if you have any doubts about the process.
How it works?
first we need to make sure that you have enough Internet speed to download this.
You can measure your download speed here: ->>. Let us know the result.
Also you can try to download an example ISO file.
First install latest Google chrome browser->.
Then open the Example Link->
see also how to download video ->.
You will tell us if this good way of delivery for you, if yes you will arrange the payment and we will send you the links for the software you ordered, if not, you can think about other ways of delivery.
It is recommended to copy all the downloaded software somewhere else for backup
(external HDD, flash, etc.)
You can start installing the software you ordered without need to burn any CD or DVD.

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