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Eaton Service Ranger 4.11 [2022] Engineering


Eaton Service Ranger 4.11 Pro Plus computer diagnostics and service Software designed to support all Fuller, Eaton transmissions, and hybrid powertrain systems.


The following products are supported:
l Eaton AutoShift/UltraShift™ Gen2 Transmissions
l Eaton Lightning Transmissions
l Eaton AutoShift/UltraShift™ Gen3 Transmissions
l Eaton UltraShift PLUS Transmissions
l Eaton Hybrid Electric Systems
l Eaton Hydraulic Launch Assist
l Fuller Advantage™ Series

ServiceRanger 4 Pro Plus Features:

Fault Codes
The Fault Code function displays all active and inactive SAE fault messages being broadcast by all
Eaton products on the vehicle data links, along with their Eaton product fault codes.

Data Monitor
The Data Monitor function allows you to monitor parameter values from different vehicle component

The Configuration function allows you to view and change the current configuration of the
detected Eaton products on the vehicle.

The Programming function allows you to update, or reflash, the products ECU application software.

Service Routines
Service Routines are functions that apply to a specific Eaton product family. Some functions
include utilities to extract data files or to perform functional tests.

Product Information
The Product Information functions allows you to look up service information, such as product service
manuals and troubleshooting guides for Eaton products. In addition, the troubleshooting guide
is linked directly to the fault code information screen allowing quick and easy access to information
to perform quick also allows you to view the most recent service manuals you may have viewed. It also allows you to perform a quick search.

Service Reports
The Service Report features allows you to record service activities performed on a vehicle for future
Service Reports allows you to view the most recent reports you may
have created. It also allows you to perform a quick search based on VIN or Repair Order.

Fault Codes Overview
The Fault Code function in ServiceRanger displays all active and inactive SAE fault messages being
broadcast by all component ECUs on the vehicle data links. The function is split into two separate
sections - Eaton Product fault codes and Vehicle fault codes. Each type of fault codes is described

Eaton Product Fault Codes
Eaton product fault codes are displayed for each Eaton product detected in the vehicle. The fault
codes are separated into groups and listed by Eaton products names.
Copying Fault Codes
You can copy the contents of the fault code display to the computers clipboard. This allows you to
easily transfer the information to other software applications such as a shop maintenance system,
word processor, or spreadsheet.

Viewing Troubleshooting Information
You can quickly view troubleshooting information for Eaton fault codes within ServiceRanger.

Working with the product information window
When you open the product information window from the fault code screen, it is displayed in a window
floating above ServiceRanger. This allows you to minimize the window and continue to use
ServiceRanger. The window is available near the bottom of the screen allowing you quick access to
the information you were viewing.

Data Monitor Overview
The Data Monitor function allows you to monitor parameter values from different vehicle component
ECU's. Examples of parameters are input shaft speed, engine throttle position, and road

Viewing Parameters
The selection of parameters to be added to the list view is easily accomplished in ServiceRanger.
Each parameter is included in the selection menu and is located in a group, or category. Examples
of a category would be Speed or Position. The speed category would contain parameters such a
road speed, engine speed, or output shaft speed. The parameter viewing list is shared across the different
views such as the chart and list.

Creating & Saving Parameters Files
Data Monitor parameter files allow you to save a set of parameters for use at a later time. This is
useful if you find yourself looking at the same set of parameters on several vehicles. In addition to
creating your own parameters files, each Eaton product has a pre-defined parameter file associated
with it.

Data Monitor List
The list view allows you to see parameters in a data grid. This allows you to quickly see and compare
many parameters at one time.
The following information is displayed:
Link - The data link the parameter message is being broadcast (J1587 or J1939).
Source - The source, or vehicle component ECU, sending the data.
Parameter - Parameter ID value (PID, SID, or SPN).
Description - SAE or Eaton description of the parameter.
Value - Value of the parameter.
Units - Units that the parameter is being displayed.
Max\Min - The maximum and minimum parameter value recorded.

Pausing Display
The display can be paused allowing you to evaluate data parameters that maybe updating rapidly.

Calibration and Configuration Overview
The configuration and calibration function allows you to view and change settings of the connected
Eaton products in the vehicle. Configurations allow you to tailor the vehicle to the driver's preferences.
Options line default start gear or PTO options are examples of configurations. Product calibrations
are similar to configurations, however calibrations can change the behavior of the control
and diagnostic functions of a system without updating the software. This allows a product to be
adapted to the specific OEM chassis and engine make and models.

Changing a Product Configuration
To change a configuration value, first select a configuration group to view the available configuration
options. Then, in the new setting column, select or enter the new configuration setting
using the selection control or drop down list provided by ServiceRanger.
If no options are displayed, then either there are no new options for that configuration or you do
not have the necessary privilege to change the configuration. When the new configuration is successfully
downloaded, ServiceRanger reads the updated configurations from the vehicle.

Templates allow you to save a set of configurations for a vehicle on your computer. This allows you
to quickly apply the same set of configuration settings to multiple vehicles.

Programming Overview
The Programming function allows you to update the component ECU application software over the
vehicle diagnostic data link. ServiceRanger automatically detects which data link, J1587 or J1939,
is supported by the component for re-programming.
Before programming Eaton products, the components of the product programming and their functions
should be understood. The product programming is comprised of two components, they are
the Application Software and Configuration software.

Application software
Application software is the main software that makes the product work. It contains the shift logic,
self diagnostic functions, and communication functions.

Configuration software
Configuration software tailors the product to the vehicle. Examples of configuration parameters
are default start gear, maximum start gear, and shift points. Available configurations differ for
each product. For more information, See "Calibration and Configuration Overview" on page 41
There is typically an application program and a configuration program for each ECU on a product.
The Eaton AutoShift Gen2 series of transmissions has two controllers, therefore the AutoShift has
two sets of software. One for the Shift Control and another for the Transmission Controller each of
which may needed to be updated.

Updating Product Software
When the Product Programming function is selected, ServiceRanger displays the current software
versions (or levels) for the selected product and any updates that it determines are available.
Some Eaton products have multiple ECUs that act together as a system. As such, it is important
that each ECU is up to date and are all compatible with each other. ServiceRanger automatically
determines the software updates available for each ECU and displays them to you as package.

Downloading the Application File
Select the software update you want to program into the product by selecting the update in the
list. You can review information about the software package including the software versions.

Service Routines Overview
A Service Routine extends the functionality of ServiceRanger beyond normal everyday service procedures.
Some of the routines include uploading data from a vehicle ECU, running a product test,
or recalibrating an sensor attached to the product ECU.
When connected to a vehicle, ServiceRanger displays a list of service routines available for the currently
selected Eaton product. The following APFs are available by product family:

Each Service Routine consists of an introductory 'Description and Instructions' section. This section
displays important information regarding the service routine and steps to perform. This section
is followed by the product functions and any pass or fail results.

Adapters Support: NEXIQ, NOREGON DLA, DG DPA5

OS support: Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10  64 bit x64 & 32 bit x86

Region: All Regions Worldwide

Date of update: [06/2022]




Eaton Service Ranger 4.11 [2022] Fuller - Eaton transmissions Diagnosis Software [Engineering]

Delivery Method: through High-Speed Download link with online installation by TeamViewer no waiting after payment.