EATON Serviceranger 4 | Eaton Roadranger Diagnostic Software

Eaton has become an innovator and leader in diagnostic and service tools for the commercial vehicle market. Service Ranger™ is the only recommended tool for servicing an unbeatable combination of the best drivetrain, hybrid power and safety solutions from Eaton Corporation.
Service Ranger is a computer-based electronic service and diagnostic program that provides access to your Eaton electronic products. With Service Ranger, you can increase uptime, save money, perform accurate repair procedures, all while increasing productivity and profits.
Some of the major benefits of using ServiceRanger:
  • View information about the connected ECUs
  • View active and inactive diagnostic fault codes
  • View data parameters in real time
  • View the current configuration of a product
  • Change product configurations
  • Program (reflash) product software
  • Print reports and diagnostic results

The following products are supported:

  • Eaton AutoShift/UltraShift™ Gen2 Transmissions
  • Eaton Lightning Transmissions
  • Eaton AutoShift/UltraShift™ Gen3 Transmissions
  • Eaton UltraShift PLUS Transmissions
  • Eaton Hybrid Electric Systems
  • Eaton Hydraulic Launch Assist
  • Fuller Advantage™ Series


Main Functions

The following information provides an overview of each major feature of ServiceRanger:
Fault Codes
The Fault Code function displays all active and inactive SAE fault messages being broadcast by all Eaton products on the vehicle data links, along with their Eaton product fault codes.
Data Monitor
The Data Monitor function allows you to monitor parameter values from different vehicle component ECUs.
The Configuration function allows you to view and change the current configuration of the detected Eaton products on the vehicle.
The Programming function allows you to update, or reflash, the products ECU application software.
Service Routines
Service Routines are functions that apply to a specific Eaton product family. Some functions include utilities to extract data files or to perform functional tests.
Product Information
The Product Information functions allows you to look up service information, such as product service manuals and troubleshooting guides for Eaton products. In addition, the troubleshooting guide is linked directly to the fault code information screen allowing quick and easy access to information to perform quick repairs.
Service Reports
The Service Report features allows you to record service activities performed on a vehicle for future reference.

 Languages:  Multilingual
Operating system :
Windows 10 32 bit (x86) – Windows 10 64bit (x64)
Windows 8.1 32 bit (x86) – Windows 8.1 64bit (x64)
Windows 8 32 bit (x86) – Windows 8 64 bit (x64)
Windows 7 32 bit (x86) – Windows 7 64 bit (x64)
Windows 7 32 bit (x86) – Windows 7 64 bit (x64)
Windows XP 32 bit (x86) -Windows XP 64 bit (x64)
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 Data of update:  11-/2016
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