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Mercedes-Benz WIS [2024] Online Workshop Information System

Mercedes-Benz WIS

Introducing an improved Online Dealer Workshop Information System (Mercedes WIS Online). Access detailed service manuals, installation instructions, wiring diagrams, and more for Mercedes-Benz vehicles including Cars, SUVs, Trucks, passengers, Pickups, Buses, vans, and engines from global markets.

Discover the complete documentation you need on Mercedes WIS Online. The new Mercedes WIS offers all the technical descriptions, work instructions, and information necessary for maintenance or repairs. With its modern design and convenient integration, this workshop information system provides up-to-date and precise data about your workshop orders anytime, anywhere. This allows you to efficiently process your orders and act with precision.

Key Features of Mercedes WIS Online:

  • Ready to use & Automatic data updates: Access the most up-to-date data available online 24/7. Automatic data updates eliminate costly disc and software installs, increasing order accuracy and customer satisfaction.
  • Vehicle-specific repair and maintenance information from a single source
  • Up-to-date information for optimal maintenance and repair services according to manufacturer specifications

The individual modules offered by Mercedes WIS Online include:

  1. WIS (Workshop Information System): Get up-to-date repair and maintenance information for your workshop orders and maintenance or repair services. This covers testing and repair work, maintenance and care, circuit diagrams (electrics, hydraulics, pneumatics), service information, measures and instructions, subsequent installation and conversion, test and setting values, tightening torques, filling quantities, fuel regulations, repair equipment and tools, and forms and certificates.
  2. Dynamic Wiring Diagram: The new “Dynamic Wiring Diagram” module in Mercedes WIS Online users. It provides a FIN-specific representation of the circuit diagram for the user’s vehicle, eliminating the need for time-consuming searches. This module and other search and filter functions help reduce research errors in the repair process. Additionally, users can access further information on components with just one click. Please note that from the end of 2021, circuit diagrams for new start-ups and model updates will only be available in the “Dynamic Wiring Diagram” module. Therefore, it is recommended to use this module for schematic research.

Experience the efficiency and convenience of the enhanced Mercedes WIS Online, your ultimate workshop information system.

The individual modules of Mercedes WIS Online 

WIS (Workshop Information System): Always up-to-date repair and maintenance information for your workshop orders as well as maintenance or repair services.
• Testing and repair work
• Maintenance and care
• Circuit diagrams (electrics, hydraulics, pneumatics)
• Service information
• Measures and instructions
• Subsequent installation and conversion
• Test and setting values as well as tightening torques
• Filling quantities and fuel regulations
• Repair equipment and tools
• Forms and certificates

Models Covers:

Languages: English, German, French, Italian, Dutch, Danish, Swedish, Norwegian, Turkish, Hungarian, Russian, Czech, Polish, Bulgarian, Romanian, Slovenian, Slovak, Spanish, Portuguese, Finnish, Greek, Japanese, Chinese (S), Korean

Type: Service Repair Manuals

Region: All Regions

Date of update: Always updated

Download Size: no need

Operating system OS: ANY OS

Price : (Contact Us)