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Allison DOC Premium [2023] Diagnostic Software


Discover the Latest Updates in Allison DOC Premium, a Windows-based diagnostic software designed for troubleshooting and servicing electronically controlled commercial transmissions and transmission control systems.

What’s New?

1. Enhanced support for fuel sense trimming in 6th-generation controls. Available for both Allison DOC Premium and Fleets licenses.
2. Complete compatibility with Terratran transmissions.
3. Introducing new parameters to the data monitor and strip chart.
4. Access to additional Diagnostic Trouble Codes (DTCs).
5. Updated solenoid display names to align with the troubleshooting manual and hydraulic schematics.

Additional Features in Allison DOC Premium:
– Prognostics feature for CEC5 Off-Highway (MY18 and later) transmissions.
– Display of Main Processor Module (MPM) Software Level on the TCM Information grid for 5th Generation controls.
– Updated DTC descriptions for improved diagnostics.
– FuelSense 2.0 parameter reprogramming capability for vehicles equipped with a FuelSense 2.0 package, allowing fleets to optimize fuel economy and performance.
– RP1210C Support for streamlined diagnostics.
– Ability to auto-try channels for Type-2 vehicle connections, eliminating the need for OEM-specific crossover cables.
– Improved selection of the correct CAN data bus for diagnostics with Data Bus Viewer.
– Monitors various Product Families, including 3000/4000, 1000/2000, CEC2, CEC3, CEC5 (Off-Highway), and TC10.
– Displays transmission parameters with an intuitive graphical instrument panel.
– Records and plays back diagnostic sessions.
– Generates diagnostic reports.
– Reprograms selected TCM parameters (requires completion of Allison Transmission training).
– Integrated Help with training videos for easy navigation.
– Direct links to Troubleshooting Manuals for comprehensive DTC information.
– Allison DOC Premium is compliant with TMC Recommended Practices, SAE Standards, and CE Standards.

Operating System and PC Requirements:
– 20 GB Hard Drive (40 GB or greater recommended).
– Minimum of 3 GB free hard drive space for software installation.
– Monitor capable of supporting a resolution of

Type: Diagnostic Software

Adapters Support: NEXIQ, NOREGON DLA, DG DPA5

OS support: Windows 11, 10, 7 64 bit x64 & 32 bit x86

Region: All Regions Worldwide

Date of update: [07/2023]

Allison DOC Premium [20223 Diagnostic Software

Delivery Method: through High-Speed Download link with online installation by TeamViewer no waiting after payment.

Allison DOC Premium For Download