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KOHLER KIRA 2.6 [2024] Diagnostic Software

Kohler KIRA 2.6 is a tool designed to monitor and analyze the performance of Kohler engines. The system provides real-time diagnostic information, allowing operators and technicians to identify and address any issues that may arise quickly. It can be connected to the engine and the after-treatment
system via Bluetooth or cable.


• Diagnosis
• Flashing
• Recording
• Reporting
• Activations directly from Synoptic diagrams
• Technical documentation

• Simultaneous connection with all engine controllers
• Synoptic diagrams
• Custom group parameters

User-Friendly Forget the old-fashioned interface of diagnostic tools, KIRA is
easy to use and user-friendly.

What’s New in the Latest Version:

1. Diagnosis engine KSD1403 – NA
2. Diagnosis engine KSD1403 – TC/TCA
3. Diagnosis engine KDI 1903 TCR NO CAC + DPF
4. LDW 480/492
a. Added synoptic group “Motor”


1. For all KDI engines:
a. Corrected reading of parameter TSC1
b. Corrected DTC description P0016

2. For all KDI Stage V engines:
a. Added “Mission Profile” parameter group.
b. Updated synoptic group “Cranking”
c. “DPF data transfer” procedure: improved flow
d. “Fast forced regeneration” procedure: improved flow
e. “Full forced regeneration” procedure: improved flow
f. Flashing new ecu (blank): improved flow

3. KDI 1903 TCR + DPF
a. DPF synoptic updated
4. KDI 2504 TCR + DPF
a. DPF synoptic updated

5. KDI 3404 TCR – SCR T4F post injection:
a. Removed DPF parameter group
b. Eliminated procedures:
i. “DPF data transfer”
ii. “Fast forced regeneration”
iii. “Complete forced regeneration”
iv. “Particulate filter replacement”
c. Eliminated “Stage V EOL Test” procedure group.
d. Updated synoptic group “SCR”

Adapters Support:

Cable Deutsch, Cable EOBD/OBD2

Region: All regions

Type: Diagnostic Software

Languages:  English

Operating system (OS): Windows 11, 10, 64-bit (x64)

 Download size: 6.5 GB

 Date of update:  [2024]


Database: 27.0

Kohler KIRA 2.6 Diagnostic Software

Delivery Method: through High-Speed Download link with online installation by TeamViewer no waiting after payment.