Caterpillar Hose & Coupling Information System (HCIS)

Caterpillar specializes in manufacturing high quality hydraulic hoses and couplings for the sector equipment manufacturers and the overall market. Caterpillar has continued to expand production around the world in order to strengthen its position as a leading manufacturer of hydraulic hoses, couplings and steel complex knots.

Caterpillar range includes a variety of different configurations of hoses and couplings, from small to large diameter hoses. Created by Caterpillar coupling under high pressure hydraulic hoses and package units sold under the trade names Cat.
This web site contains information system Caterpillar Hose & Coupling Information System (HIS) contains complete documentation for the selection of hoses and couplings products Caterpillar.
Program allows for the hydraulic connection of the references complete data (information) about the connection.
Program contains a search function, which allows for selection by number, diameter, fastening; also present cross-reference base.
Region: All regions
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