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ETKA 8.3 – AUDI, VW, SEAT, SKODA [2024] Parts Catalogue


ETKA Electronic Parts Catalogue for VAG vehicles Audi, Volkswagen, Skoda, Seat. They are manufactured in all Markets: Brazil, China, Local Markets, Mexico, South Africa, and the USA.

Search by VIN: Yes (Number of VIN more than 2,300,000 million)
Prices: Yes
Expiration: No expiration date
Internet Connection: No Need
Activation: No Need
Dongle: No Need
Automatically updates: Impossible

Type: Spare Parts Catalog

Region: All Regions

Languages: English, German, Swedish, Turkish, Croatian, Slovenian, Czech, Danish, Hungarian, Japanese, Portuguese, Polish, Chinese, French, Russian, Dutch, Spanish, Italian.

Operating Systems OS: Windows 10, 8.1, 8.0, 7 64-bit (x64)

Minimum Computer Requirements
Processor Intel Core i5 / i7 or AMD FX 7 /FX 9 Core Series
Memory (RAM) 4 GB; more memory improves performance.
Hard disk SSD (Solid State Drive) with 100 GB or more free space

Download size 28 GB
Date of update: [01/2024]

AUDI 1534/372
VM 1534/372
SKODA 1066-372
SEAT 1060/372
Commercial Vehicle v.1534/372

ETKA 8.3 - AUDI, VW, SEAT, SKODA [2024] Parts Catalogue

Delivery Method: through High-Speed Download link with Installation Instructions, no waiting after payment.

Price: $150