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WABCO TOOLBOX Plus v13 [2021] Diagnostic Software


WABCO TOOLBOX Plus Brake Software provides computer-based diagnostics for WABCO electronic vehicle control system products. Displays information for the vehicle systems, displays active and stored diagnostic trouble codes, repair instructions, and activates system components to verify system integrity.

The newest version of WABCO TOOLBOX™ software features a redesigned homepage interface, support for the WABCO product portfolio–including our latest product releases Intelligent Anti-lock Braking System (iABS™), Modular Braking System Platform (mBSP™), and TailGUARD™ reversing collision avoidance system; automatic detection of WABCO systems on the vehicle.

Supported Products:



  • SmartTrac™ Stability Control Systems
    • Pneumatic ABS (mBSP, E8, E and D ECUs)
    • Electronic Braking Systems (EBS)
  • OnGuard™ Collision Mitigation System
    • Extended DTC event information and data decoding
  • OnLane™ and OnLaneALERT™ Lane Departure Warning
    • Video extraction capability and system diagnostics
  • OnSide™ Blind Spot Detection System
  • OptiRide™ Electronically Controlled Air Suspension (ECAS)
    • ECAS for Tractor (12V) and Buses (24V)



  • iABS™, Enhanced Easy-Stop™ & Easy-Stop™ Trailer ABS and Roll Stability Support (RSS)
  • Ability to program ABS for Auto Lift Axle via Graphical User Interface (GUI)
  • Supports ABS GIO functions such as Smart Brake Interlock, AutoTail, and Tire Inflation
  • Notebook functionality for text input into the ECU to store warranty or ownership information, including in-service date, VIN, and place of install
  • Service interval notification for vehicles equipped with WABCO ABS or RSS
  • Embedded links to web-based diagnostic information
  • Required to configure and set up RSS properly
  • Straightforward tire size calibration
  • TailGuard™ Rear Blind Spot Detection System

Truck (Medium Duty), Bus and Motor Home Chassis

  • SmartTrac™ Stability Control Systems
    • SmartTrac Hydraulic ABS and HABS-E (Hydraulic Anti-Lock Braking System, E version)
    • Hydraulic Power Brake (HPB)
  • Easy parameter programming when replacing an ECU
  • Ability to enable and disable ATC without programming
  • The comprehensive main screen allows review of components such as wheel speed sensors, front/rear brake pressure, park brake status, ECU information, and more


Basic Program Functions

  • Displays both static and dynamic information from the system under test
  • Displays both active and stored system faults, as well as the appropriate repair instructions
  • Activates system components to verify system integrity and correct component operation and installation wiring
  • Provides direct digital access to product maintenance manuals and installation instructions
  • Provides reverse Diagnostic Trouble Code (DTC) lookup
  • Provides Aftermarket Programming for most pneumatic and hydraulic ABS ECUs, and OnLaneALERT™
  • J1939 Bus Monitor for 500k Baud

Programming Requirements
Before ordering a programmable ECU, ensure you meet all of the
following requirements to program the ECU:
1. J1939 communications. Any wired J1939 RP1210 diagnostic
adapters such as the Nexiq USB-Link™ 2 or Noregon JPro
DLA or DLA+PLC can be used for programming.


Type: Diagnostic Software

Region: All regions
Languages: English, Spanish, French,

Operating System: Windows 10 , 8, 7 32 bit (x86) & 64 bit (x64)

Download size: 500 MB

Date of update: 01/2021 

WABCO TOOLBOX Plus v13 [2021] Diagnostic Software

Delivery Method: through High-Speed Download link with online installation by TeamViewer no waiting after payment.