Perkins EDI 1300 | Diagnostic Software | Perkins 1300 Series Engine

Perkins diagnostic software designed to diagnose these engines of Perkins: Peregrine EDi and 1300 Series EDi.

Note : This software includes also all Caterpillar | Olympian , FG WILSON , GESAN – etc ..  generator sets with Perkins 1300 series engine

Diagnostic tools Perkins for Peregrine EDi/1300 Series EDi provides the following features:

– View the lists

– Create custom lists of data

– View of diagnostic codes

– View of programmable parameters

– Reset clients / Programmable parameters

– Perform diagnostic tests

– Data recording engine for some time.

Established the diagnostic program Perkins on your computer you have access to view various information, including information that is stored on disks. The program supports English.

Perkins Peregrine EDi/1300 EDI Series is a family of turbocharged engines, which have an electronic system upravleniya.Dvigateley Peregrine EDI are designed for use in cars and 1300 series engines EDI designed for industrial and agricultural applications.

When you install the program the user is able to carry out diagnostics of engines and gets access to the service documentation, wiring diagrams and technical bulletins for special equipment.

Region: All regions
Languages: English
Operating System:
Windows 10 32 bit (x86) – Windows 10 64bit (x64)
Windows 8.1 32 bit (x86) – Windows 8.1 64bit (x64)
Windows 8 32 bit (x86) – Windows 8 64 bit (x64)
Windows 7 32 bit (x86) – Windows 7 64 bit (x64)
Windows Vista 32 bit (x86) – Windows Vista 64 bit (x64)
Windows XP 32 bit (x86) -Windows XP 64 bit (x64)

Date of update: 01/2015
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